I had to purchase a $50 swimsuit for a bachelorette party because the bride required everyone to match for pictures. I was told by the maid of honor this was non-negotiable if I was even considering attending the pool portion of the 4 day extravaganza . Being a broke comedian, $50 is a lot for me. But being a good friend, I did it. I ended up not being able to attend the pool portion of the weekend, so I am not in any of the pool photos and I now own a $50 swimsuit that says Bride Squad. Since I bought the swimsuit, I think it’s only fair that I get to take some pictures in it too, even though I missed the group photo opportunity. So I hired a professional photographer to take pictures of me in my new swimsuit because dammit, I paid for it and I’m going to wear it.

I still didn’t feel like photos were good enough, since I hadn’t worn the swimsuit out in public yet. So I said for every $100 I raised for RAINN, I would wear it for another day, up to one week. In the first day, we raised $800. We ended up raising $1700+ in just one week, and I documented wearing the swimsuit to auditions, coffeeshops, work, and on stage under the hashtag #brokebridesquad on my Instagram and Twitter. It was even picked up by Huffington Post.

Photos by: Kim Newmoney

Makeup by: Lianne Lin